Ocean Reef Life

Ocean wonderland in your hand. Grow, breed, and care for your reef of beautiful 3d virtual fish and ocean creatures. Discover them all!

Dive into the virtual oceans of Ocean Reef Life!
Revive your desolate reef into an marine wonderland of virtual creatures from colorful tropical fish to massive sharks and whales.

Revive Your Digital Reef

You'll start out with an green cloudy unhealthy reef and a few creatues, but with some care you'll have a vibrant reef! Collect hearts, feed your creatures, buy and breed more to fill your reef.

Living Realistic 3D Creatures

Swim among your digital creatures, each with a name and happiness for you mind. Creatures grow to adults, then can be bred or sold. Expand your reef to house up to 100!

Grow Babies & Breed or Sell

Creatures begin as babies, growing to adults. Two adults of the same genus can breed, birthing new babies including special rare species to discover! Sell in the market or to the Reef King.

Collect Hearts & Find Pearls

Creatures produce hearts constantly, so petting them and collecting hearts keeps them happy. Pearls will help you do many things, get as many as you can and use wisely.

Keep Creatures Happy & Fed

eep them happy and producing more hearts. Unhappy creatures slow heart production, but can be fed to restore health and happiness.

Leaderboards & Visit Reefs

Compete with players globally, in your country or state/region. Visit other reefs and explore the digital reefs around you from palyers all around the world..

Keep Creatures Happy & Fed


Leaderboards & Visit Reefs

Compete with other players globally, in your country or state/region. Visit and explore the digital reefs of players all around the world, and engage with other active players.


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Wholesome gaming experience, designed to delight!

Global Social Play

Play with mobile users worldwide!

ALL Ages + Family-friendly

Safe for children, made for everyone!


Best aquarium in the App Store

"I have downloaded and tried just about every “build your own aquarium” app in the App Store and this one is by far the most superior! All of the sea creatures look very lifelike and attention was spent on detail! Also appreciate the fact that there is no annoying “thought bubbles” over each creatures head to tell you to feed them etc. like other aquarium apps have. This app has a great variety of different sea creatures from fish to mammals to fantasy creatures. It is very user-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to understand. Also has superior customer relations! This app is a must for anybody who loves aquatic life!"